Top 5 favorite drinks in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Top 5 Vietnamese Drinks That Visitors Should Try

Vietnam is not only paradise for food lover but also a paradise for drink lovers. In case you take a trip to the country, remember to take these 5 drinks which are in favor of a lot of locals and international travelers to Vietnam.

1. Beer – the favorite drink of Vietnam, especially in summer

Remember to take a cup of beer when you are in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Remember to take a cup of beer when you are in Vietnam

Drinking beer has become a regular act of Vietnamese people for a long time from North to South. After a hard-working day, colleagues will go together have some drink and depend on where you plan to visit; there are kinds of beer you can choose. For example, try Sai Gon Red, or 333 in Ho Chi Minh City or local beer in the Central of Vietnam is Huda (Short for Hue and Denmark).

It is often said that a trip to Hanoi will not be seen as complete without a night at Beer Corner (consist of 3 streets Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Hien and Dinh Liet). Apart from local beer, foreign brands such as Heneiken, Taigor Beer or Saporo also gain popularity among Vietnamese people.

2. Coffee – an all-year-long drink in Vietnam

Coffee – an all-year-long drink in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Coffee – an all-year-long drink in Vietnam

As the position of the world’s biggest Robusta coffee producer, no wonder coffee in Vietnam takes various types and flavors. However, the 2 most popular ways of drinking are condensed-milk iced coffee ( cà phê sữa đá), and iced black coffee (cà phê đá). Vietnamese coffee is extremely bitter, that’s why it often goes with condensed milk or sugar, but you can adjust the number of sweet added in it by telling the sellers. But don’t drink it straight.

Another option for coffee lover: egg coffee. You can try this drink both hot and cold, but hotter is better. The best place to try it is Giang Coffee at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan in the Old Quarter.

3. Sugar Cane juice for a cool summer in Vietnam

Sugar cane juice - a favorite drink in Vietnam in summer - Vietnam visa

Sugar cane juice – a favorite drink in Vietnam in summer

It is so common that you can find it pretty everywhere on Vietnamese streets and it is sold at a super affordable price. A cup of sugar cane is always served with ice to reduce its sweetness. To make it more flavorful, people often add a piece of Kum Quat in the machine and squeeze them with the stalk of sugar cane.

Not be exaggerated, no Vietnamese can survive their scorching summer without sugar cane juice, and if you don’t like alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, why don’t you try this sweet juice instead.

4. Coconut – refresh you in summer

Coconut juice - Vietnam drinks - Vietnam visa

Coconut juice

This is another option for those who are not into alcohol and coffee. The fresh coconut has been a popular drink in Vietnam for hundreds of years. Coconuts are often taken down at 7 weeks old, no longer or sooner. To confirm whether it is ready to harvest, the farmers will chop off the top of the fruit to investigate, if the flesh appears to be whitish and jelly-like, it’s a perfect time. However, hard white flesh means that the fruit is too old, and the juice will be salty.

5. Herbal tea – great drink in hot summer

Herbal tea in Vietnam - Vietnam visa

Herbal tea in Vietnam

Herbal tea or so-called “nuoc sam” is a perfect drink for summer. This juice is originally from Chinese, but has become so popular in Vietnam. The recipe may vary amongst places; however, the main ingredients include longans, grass root, and nettle leaves, and sugar cane (in some places). It is believed to “cool down” the body temperature during steamy days of summer.

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