Three main ways to get Vietnam visa

Vietnam is now becoming one of the most attractive countries in Southeast Asia. This country is not only the most dynamic business environment but also the paradise for whom loving food and tourism. As other countries in the world, getting a Vietnam visa is the first step to enter the country and start your trip. As citizens from most countries must get a Vietnam visa, figuring out how to apply for it is often a big deal in every traveler’s plans. Before arriving at any of Vietnam’s borders, choose one of the ways of getting a visa for Vietnam below and check theirs requirements; and sure there is one that fits your plans perfectly.

  1. Vietnam Visa on arrival

Visa on Arrival is simply seen as the way to get Approval Letter via email before getting visa stamped on your original passport at Vietnam arrival airport. Besides, application procedure is also easy and convenient, following these 3 little steps:

  • Step 1: Apply online, pay service fee online. Processing time will depend on type of visa you are applying for and the service (normal or urgent) you choose.
  • Step 2: Receive approval letter by email
  • Step 3: Present all documents including hard copy of Approval Letter, Vietnam Entry & Exit form, passport-sized photos, stamping fee to get your visa stamped at any international airport in Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Nha Trang and Da Nang).

There are some advantages of getting a Vietnam Visa on Arrival that you can clearly recognize:

  • You can do it for anybody, especially your family members or relatives, who have no time as well as transportation.
  • No need to send your passport away (suitable in the case you or even your family members or relatives live far away from Vietnam Embassy).
  • Vietnam Visa on arrival is accepted for Tourist Visas and Business Visas.
  • Able to apply for multiple entries and up to 3 months stay.

You also can check the exact Vietnam Visa Requirements for your nationality on For example, if you want to check full requirements to get visa for Vietnam for US citizens, you simply select “United States” in the searching box “Citizens of” on the website homepage.


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  1. Getting Vietnam Embassy Visa

The difference between VOA and Visa embassy is that the latter will be issued through a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate office and the visa is already stick on the passport before entering Vietnam. The documents for applying visa via Vietnam embassy will include:

1) Application form (vary from one Vietnamese embassies or Consulate abroad to another).
2) 2 passport-sized photos
3) Original passport
4) Visa fee

Please be noticed that application form and visa fee can vary by country, so it’d better check directly with the Vietnamese embassy in which you are applying. But it is only recommended when you have time or live near Vietnam embassy only as the procedure may take at least 4-5 days or even longer. If not, then online option will be much better for your choice.

  1. Getting a Vietnam E-Visa (restricted)

From 2/2017, travelers from 40 selected countries have a new option for getting an e-visa for Vietnam. This method is also done fully online and does not require an agency to produce an approval letter, as you deal directly with the Vietnam immigration.

If you are going to apply for this kind of visa, just fill the form at the Immigration Department website, attach along with a photo and an image of your passport page. Pay the fee and after 3 working days you will get an answer from them that your application is approved or denied. If positive, you will receive an email with a digital code that allows you to print the Vietnam e-Visa.

Despite seeming easy, this process has lots of restrictions for a traveler to be able to apply. You must fit in all these requirements below to submit an application:

  • The Vietnam e-visa is only available to passport holders of 40 selected countries.
  • It only allows entries for Tourism. Business visas are not available on e-visa.
  • It does not allow multiple entries (only single entry visa is supported)
  •  It has only 1 month validity (if you plan longer stays, please try the other options)

Hope that you can choose the most convenient method way to get Vietnam visa for yourself. Welcome to lovely Vietnam!