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Vietnam Visa for Australian citizens from Switzerland

My wife and I plan to visit Vietnam for two weeks this late July. We are currently living in Switzerland, and we both hold Australian passport. We were hoping to get visas at the Vietnam Embassy in Switzerland, possibly as soon as this Friday. Is this a possibility? If so, what will we need to bring? Thank you (From Fluckiger – Switzerland)

Dear Fluckiger, Of course, you and your wife can apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in Switzerland. However, you are highly recommended to contact the embassy for more information since the procedure as well as processing time vary from embassy to embassy. How will you get to Vietnam? If you travel to Vietnam by air, you may have another way to get Visa to Vietnam: applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. By using Visa on arrival service, you will get your visa approval letter within 2 working days after submitting your visa application and paying service fee, and then you will get the visas stamped onto your passports upon arrival at Vietnam airport. You can refer to our website for 4 simple steps to apply online for Vietnam Visa. Wish you have your visas well prepared before your trip to Vietnam. Have a nice day,