Applying Vietnam Visa on arrive legal in Switzerland

2 major Differences between Visa on Arrival for Vietnam and Visa on Arrival for Other Countries

Get Vietnam Visa on arrivalAt the moment, visa on arrival has become a very popular type of visa that travelers often think of whenever they wish to visit any country. However, comparing to visa on arrival to many other countries, visa on arrival to Vietnam is a little bit different. Here are two major differences between them that the travelers should keep in mind to avoid any unexpected problems.

1. Procedure

While visa on arrival of other countries allows eligible travelers to get visa right at the border without doing nothing beforehand, visa on arrival to Vietnam requires travelers to obtain a visa approval letter beforehand. Otherwise, they cannot get full visa on arrival to Vietnam.

2. Applicable travelers

While visa on arrival of many countries allows travelers to get it for border crossing, Vietnam visa on arrival works for air travelers only. In case you obtain an approval letter but get to Vietnam by road or cruise, you cannot get the full visa on arrival.

So, with Vietnam visa on arrival, please remember two important things as follows:

  1. Obtain a visa approval letter beforehand;
  2. Use it only when you travel to Vietnam by air.

If you clearly understand these two different aspects, getting a visa on arrival for Vietnam is no longer a complicated issue. Its whole procedure has been simplified in the 4 steps as follows:

Get cheap and easy Vietnam Visa

  1. Submit online Vietnam visa application form;
  2. Make payment of service fee;
  3. Get visa approval letter via email;
  4. Have visa stamped at Vietnam airport.